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3rd-Oct-2029 12:54 am - HMD
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How am I writing Alexei? Good? Bad? Needs some work somewhere? Please let me know how I'm doing here so I can improve where needed.

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25th-Mar-2019 02:41 am - Appointments Post
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If you have anything minor or some loose ends that needs to be taken care of with Alexei, feel free to use this entry to thread them out.

Just mark the thread accordingly like so--[Action, March 27th] and you can use this like a voicemail service thing. You can also reply to this OOCly, if you need me for anything. Just mark that it is.
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[4/14 - Voice]

[It was already getting dark outside by the time Alexei had put an end to Ganondorf. It was a difficult battle, even with Ganon not at full strength, but he did it. Now he's stuck in the mountains, too badly injured to even manage a walk back to the village. He's pretty sure he broke a few ribs after taking that punch, so he's not sure what'll happen if he doesn't get help soon. He shifts his body where he laid, trying to find something, but also trying not to agitate his injuries any further.

Did he even have it on him...? He sure he brought it just in case. Ah, the journal fell out some point during the battle, just a few feet out of his reach. It'll take him a moment move himself over there, but he'll finally put out a message. The journal's camera simply picks up the ceiling of the cave.]

Ganondorf has been taken down...He is a threat no more. [ There's sounds of movement as Alexei tries to keep himself from suffocating. It's rather difficult to breath and talk after being punched in the chest]

I...could use some assistance. In the mountains. [He ends the transmission there. The important part of the message was broadcast, now he just conserving energy until he gets a response.]

[4/15 - Voice/Action]

[It'll be the afternoon of the next day, when Alexei wakes up from his ordeal. He had been changed out of his uniform and wearing a hospital gown now. Bandages were wrapped around the middle part of his face. He's not able to leave the bed, much to his disappointment, but at least he can talk to any visitors that come through and check his journal. Speaking of.]

...Good afternoon, Luceti. This is Alexei, and I am the one who finally defeated Ganondorf. [A beat.] I wanted to take this moment to give my thanks to those of you who were involved in stopping him, your valiant efforts are what made his defeat even possible.

It is unfortunate that this victory is only a temporary one, but we now have the time to take proper action should he try something like this again upon his return.

[OOC: The rescue part has been reserved to Asbel, Caius and Daisy, though you are free to still talk to him and/or check on the situation o/]
26th-Jan-2013 12:23 pm - [Action] 4th Wall Entry
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[Alexei had return to his current age during the week and had been generally non-sociable. He wasn't outright avoiding people, just wasn't in the mood to talk. Course, he's not going to have much choice during the weekend]

[Jan 26th]

[Alexei is baffled by the number of people suddenly appearing at Luceti today. Most of them didn't even have wings. It feels like this might have been something that happened before...wasn't it around this time of the year where the was an odd gap of days no one could remember?

Hm. Well either way, these visitors weren't going to stop him from doing his errands today. He's heading for the Battle dome to do a bit of training. Not with his sword, but with what techniques he recalled from his time spent training with Rock Lee. Though at some point he'll go back to sword training.

Sometime in the evening, he'll wander on into Seventh Heaven for a drink or two.]

[Jan 27th]

[Sunday, Alexei will be spending some time out at the Mikan Orchard, just to have some time away from the town. He'll be changing out a few of the pinwheels that were falling apart from wear and tear and doing little maintenance work around the orchard.

In the evening, he'll be at the grocery store. He's...been low on supplies so he definitely needed to go do some shopping.]
27th-Dec-2012 12:09 am - [Action/Accidental Voice] 015
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[Action - Morning]

[It's around mid-morning on the 27th when the Malnosso finally decided to drop Alexei back into Luceti. They weren't nice enough to at least drop him in his nice, warm, comfy bed and instead drops him on the cherry blossom tree near where Miyabi lives. Alexei hasn't realized where he had been dropped, because he was still unconscious, lying limply on the branches. ]

[Afternoon into Evening]

[Later on that day, once he found his way into town, Alexei can be seen at some of the shops, trying to locate his personal items and clothes. Those who know him will notice something was different with Alexei, he seem younger in appearance. He still had a few twigs and leaves after his ventures to get out of the tree and still rather disorientated about his situation. It just...sounded ridiculous what he was told. But the wings remind him that there is probably some truth to what he has been told. Damn wings need to stop hurting.

Alexei can be found in the general, clothing and smithy store during most of the afternoon. Closer to the evening, he'll be found in the Good Spirits Bar, looking around to have a chat with any of the residents here. So he may come up and grab your attention. When things quiet down, he'll bring out his journal, skimming absently through it...turning it over a few times.]


How does this journal actually work...? [The journal picks up his question that he didn't intentionally mean for anyone to hear. He was just thinking out loud.]

[OOC: Alexei has been temporarily de-aged to around his mid 20s. 24ish I put him down as. He doesn't remember his time in Luceti this time around, believing he is a "new feather". All responses will be done through [personal profile] destinedtofall and information about his young self can be found on there too.]
9th-Aug-2012 11:38 am - [Action] 014
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For House 12 residents )


[So! After that awkward encounter with his enemies, Alexei has managed to get himself/herself over to the plaza area, because....well he needed proper clothes. Walking proved to experience in itself, but he made it to the clothing store in the end. The problem here was that he had absolutely no idea what he was suppose to be looking for. To be frank, it was...just awkward thinking about looking for clothes suitable for a woman in the first place.]

[ooc: Alexei has been genderbended for about 2 weeks. Comments will made with [personal profile] onlyashell]
3rd-Jul-2012 05:14 pm - [Action/Voice] 013
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[Alexei was finally returning from his mission today, unaware of what's been going on the last two weeks he had missed. He knew of a draft, but that was about it.

He'll definitely be asking around what he's missed, but first he's going to go and grab himself a seat at the Good Spirits Bar for a drink. He could use one or two of them right now.

It's there that he'll flip open his journal, vaguely gathering what people were even talking about before closing it. He decides to ask whomever was nearest to him. Could be the bartender or could be just another customer.]

Has anything been happening the last two weeks?

[Once he's had his fill of information-- and a bit of alcohol, he'll go back to the journal again and...start complaining about various things into it.]

You would think that if the Malnosso can manage to take us off this planet, they could get us all home.
30th-May-2012 05:58 pm - [Voice] 012
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[After finally being freed of that irritating form he was forced into the last 4 days, Alexei now uses the time to bring up a few things through his journal. How he misses being able to properly grip things.]

I need to know who in my family are still here. I would have tracked all of you sooner, but I had a little incident thanks to the Malnosso. I imagine most of you are probably going through similar problems as well because of them. [Like hell he was going to openly say he was a little cat thing] I'm here though, if any of you need me.

Also, someone seems to have gone and tampered with my daughter's orchard. [The journal camera switches on and people can see the entrance to the mikan orchard.] Someone has removed all the pinwheels that were around the perimeter of the orchard. While they seem rather insignificant to some of you, they were very important to Nami. She would appreciate anyone who would be interested in coming out to the orchard tomorrow and helping her put up new ones. [Though he doesn't mention it, he expects his family to help regardless]

[ooc: Alexei has been Luceti Valley for the entirety of the event. I'm going to be going by this chart for any direct relations with him. So feel free to be confused about why he thinks you're related or not for those who aren't AUed back into the family.

Also note he's already spoken with Nami before this. Here is her return entry.]
17th-Mar-2012 07:24 pm - [Action] 011
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Inner thoughts on someone who had recently left )


[Sometime during the morning, Alexei can be seen around the plaza area. He's just there to visit one shop in particular and that was the flower shop.

Once his business was finished at the store, he'll be making his way over to the mikan orchard and spending the rest of his afternoon there. He had a small bouquet of flowers with him, planning to leave it at the very center of the orchard. There, if he wasn't wandering around looking over the the blossoming trees, he can be found meditating underneath the tree he placed his flowers. Although Bellemere was gone, Alexei would continue to look after this place. He always had before, but now there was more of a purpose behind it.

By the evening, Alexei will have returned to the village and settled inside Good Spirits. Vaguely he recalls that night when he lost a bet with Bellemere as he ordered himself a drink. Heh. Why did he agree to that challenge again...?]
28th-Jan-2012 02:18 pm - [Action] 010 - 4TH WALL
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[Alexei is standing at the entrance of CB1 and just...marveling at the large amount of people here today. Did whomever normally brings them here have some sort of malfunction?

Well he could just stay inside, but something tells him that it wouldn't have matter. He's off to two locations today, first to the battle dome and then to the orchard. With all these people he should make sure no one's badly tampering with the mikan trees]
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